Month 3

23 Jan


Here we are again.  Another month has flown by.  You are three months old and this past month has been an eventful one.  We celebrated our first Christmas with you and it was the best Christmas we’d had in years.  Of course you didn’t really know anything was different from any other day, but having our first Christmas with you meant a lot to all of us.  That’s the thing about you, you make everything better.

The biggest thing to happen to you this past month was the start of spending days with a babysitter instead of at home with me.  Needless to say, I was not looking forward to your first day.  I couldn’t imagine my days without you.  I couldn’t imagine anyone taking good enough care of you.  But, the first day came along and we did it.  Actually, your daddy did the hard part because I’m lucky enough to not have to do the drop off myself, and we all survived.  The entire transition has been an excellent one.  Holly, your sitter, loves you so much and, best of all, you love her.  Daddy says your face lights up with a big grin when you see her in the morning and I’ve seen the same thing on the occasions I’ve picked you up in the afternoon.  Of course part of me worried that you’d love Holly more than me and I’d be replaced, but I’ll take a little irrational worrying about that over the worry that you aren’t happy.  If you have to spend the day with someone other than me then I’m happy you love her as much as you do.

It’s hard to keep up with all the growing and changing you do these days.  First of all, you’re so big!  At your 2 month appointment you were officially off the charts for height (25 inches) and weight (15.2 pounds).  So I’m guessing you’re around 18 pounds these days.  Your pediatrician calls you a moose (lovingly) and told us that you’re the size of an average 4 month old.  I’ll admit that I’ve had some moments of uncertainty regarding your size–are you TOO big? do we feed you TOO much?–but it’s actually just so great and I can’t imagine you any other way.  Your chunky thighs, big baby belly, and chubby cheeks are delicious.  In other developments, you’re excellent at holding your head up on your own and you kick and swing at things when you’re lying on your playmat.  You’re completely into chewing on your fingers and fists and the amount of drooling you do is quite impressive.  You’re a smiling machine with the best smile I’ve ever seen and on your 3 month birthday you laughed for the first time.  It was the greatest thing ever.  You’re also getting more and more vocal, trying out all different kinds of sounds and screeches and coos.  The only thing I can say you do not like is being on your tummy.  I think the longest you’ve lasted is 3 minutes…maybe 4…I try to push the limits but your daddy can’t handle the cries so it doesn’t last long.

Well Ollie, what else is there to say?  It’s taken me longer than normal to write this because other than the basics, I wasn’t quite sure what else to say.  It’s not that life with you is dull or isn’t noteworthy, in fact it’s just the opposite.  We love everything you do from the smallest coo to the biggest smile, it’s just that life these days is normal.  So perfectly, perfectly, normal.




5 Responses to “Month 3”

  1. mrsbuk January 23, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

    Beautiful as always!

  2. mrsbuk January 23, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

    Can I mention that there was a Kindercare ad on the comment page?

  3. Operation Pink Herring January 23, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    Hannah is also off the weight charts (in the other direction, of course). Seems to me like these pediatricians need new charts. Nobody wants to be in the -3 percentile.

  4. audrey January 24, 2012 at 6:45 pm #

    He is so handsome. Glad he loves his baby sitter. That makes it all a bit easier, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, though; I don’t think there’s any risk of him loving her more than you.

    Alexander hasn’t giggled yet. I’m thinking he might not appreciate our sarcastic sense of humor. (He’ll learn, though. If he knows what’s good for him.)

  5. Blanche January 25, 2012 at 2:35 pm #

    With a 80% weight & 93% height former preemie now 18.5 months old, I wonder the same things about being too big or feeding her too much. And then I remember that kids are smarter than us about eating in many ways – they eat until they’re full and then refuse food (until we teach them otherwise…). So we’re both doing okay.

    Such a happy, smiley boy!

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